Trakt Genie

So I built a bunch of Trakt Playlist Automation Tools That I used for my home entertainment system and this is the interface I built so my friends and family could use it too. It replaces the Trakt app into a much simpler UI that gives easy access to my custom dynamically updated Playlists. More Features coming soon.


This is a curriculum project from one of my students with my support and curriculum she created an exceptional online forum designed to curate a wide range of posts covering the Autism spectrum, encompassing insightful articles, scientific research, compelling personal stories, and invaluable advice. Dive into a wealth of knowledge and experiences as we strive to create a supportive space for individuals to connect, learn, and share. Technically it was a two part project using Flask for the back-end API and using React Native for the front-end


Test Automation for My portfolio

This project is a robust and comprehensive web automation test suite for my portfolio website, leveraging Selenium, Pylenium, and Pytest technologies. The test suite is architected to automate the validation of core functionalities and integrity of the website. The application of the Page Object Model (POM) results in maintainable and reusable code. An example of this is the ‘Home’ class, which encapsulates all interactions that can be performed on the homepage.

The tests ensure critical elements, like the heading, are displaying as expected and the main navigation items navigate correctly to the desired pages when clicked. Moreover, the suite includes a link verification test that checks all hyperlinks on the homepage, thus helping to detect any broken links that may negatively affect the user experience. It does so by sending a GET request to each link and validating the HTTP response status.

In sum, this test suite is an essential tool in maintaining the quality and reliability of my portfolio website, providing confidence in the user experience it offers to visitors.


Flix WebScraper API

The Flix WebScraper API is a powerful solution designed to fetch and aggregate data from the most popular streaming services, providing you with comprehensive insights into the top movies and TV shows. Leveraging a powerful technology stack including FastAPI, Pydantic, SQLAlchemy, PostgreSQL, Selenium, and Beautiful Soup, this API ensures efficient and reliable data extraction for an enhanced user experience. PostgreSQL enables robust data storage and management, providing easy access to the extracted information. Utilizing Selenium and Beautiful Soup, this web scraper dynamically collects data from streaming service platforms, ensuring accurate and up-to-date results. Stay ahead of the curve by discovering trending movies and TV shows across multiple services, all at your fingertips.


Trakt Interface

Trakt Interface is a cutting-edge API that enables effortless integration between apps and Trakt.tv. Leveraging the power of Oauth2, Flask, logging, and the Pytrakt library, this interface provides a seamless and secure connection to Trakt.tv services. Unlock the full potential of Trakt authorization, advanced playlist management, automatic synchronization, and access to AI-driven playlists. Elevate your app’s capabilities with Trakt Interface and deliver an unparalleled Trakt.tv experience to your users. Experience the seamless integration of technologies and empower your app with Trakt Interface today.


Flight Booking App

The technological revolution is changing aspect of our lives, and the fabric of society itself. it’s also changing the way we learn and what we learn. Factual knowledge is less prized when everything you ever need to know can be found on your phone. There’s no imperative to be an expert at doing everything when you can.

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